The heavy woodlands of the Weald yielded timber for the medieval iron industries; 

Elizabethan men of war; the black and white houses of Kent; and that most enduring of features: the natural wooden floor.

Unrivalled for beauty, long life and ease of maintenance, your floors deserve to be cherished.  

So don’t delay when they have become shabby, scratched or damaged.  

Whether composed of hardwood boards or parquet blocks, floor sanding and resealing will bring them back to their original splendour.

Choose Floor Refinishing Kent for floor repair and restoration.

Having sanded hundreds of floors of all ages and levels of condition over the past twenty years, our fully-qualified team members provide the full service:

1) Repairs to damaged timber

2) Sanding to a smooth finish,removing old paint, grime and sealant.

3) Staining for a change of colour to match your decor. Try the modern pale wash of grey or Scandinavian white. 

4) Resealing with the protection of oil, lacquer or hard wax.

5) Have no fears about mess and disruption. Our machines provide sanding that is virtually dust free. And we’ll minimise any inconvenience or period of closure with flexible working. 

6) A weekend - or even overnight - job will fit around your domestic or business schedule.

So call us today for your free assessment. 

No matter where your floors are located - in the home, office, school, museum, shop, bar or restaurant – the new surface will
be completed to the highest standards.

Floor Repair Kent - for floor repair and restoration!











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Debunking two floor sanding myths

A lot of people are reluctant to tackle a floor sanding project due to the perceived difficulties of effectively sanding a floor, along with misunderstandings about certain elements of the process. In an effort to dispel some of this ambiguity and doubt, we thought we'd debunk two of the biggest floor sanding myths out there.

Myth 1: Dustless floor sanding is too good to be true.

This myth is perfectly understandable.

We're conditioned to be sceptical of things that sound too good to be true, because they

usually are. As such, when we hear about a way of sanding floors that doesn't produce dust

(the number one reason most people avoid sanding floors), we assume it can't be true.

Surely the process doesn't effectively sand your floors, producing inferior results to other methods, or it's not really dust-free.

But the process isn't actually called 'dust-free sanding', it's called 'dustless'. Any professional in the industry will tell you the truth: the process does produce dust, but the technology used ensures that the amount of dust is minimal and handled in such a way that it avoids the noxious clouds of sawdust we've all come to associate with sanding.

Dustless sanding is 99% dust free. It's also just as effective as regular sanding, but it does require specialist equipment.

​​                                        Myth 2: A re-coat every few years keeps your floors in perfect condition

                                        The proper sanding, conditioning and treating of a wooden floor is an investment that nobody wants to see                                            go to waste, and having a handy means of touching up your floors without having to fully sand them again is                                          appealing. However, regularly re-coating a floor can feel like an added expense, and a time-consuming and 

                                        irritating prospect.

The good news is, it's not necessary!

Professional floor finishes are hard wearing. Provided you ensure your floor is properly

sanded and treated, and is well maintained, there is no need to 'touch up' the finish on

your floor by regularly re-coating it every few years. Maintenance generally involves

ensuring your wooden floor is regularly cleaned, to avoid dirt and grime abrading the

surface, and may also include buffing it to keep the finish in good condition.

Depending on the type of finish you use, it may be possible to touch up the floor should

it become damaged, by treating the damaged section specifically, but there is seldom the

need to completely retreat the whole floor on such a regular basis.

The best way to ensure your floor has a long and healthy life is to ensure a professional job is done at the outset. Get in touch today to discuss your floor sanding project with us, and find out what we can do to ensure you have the wooden floor of your dreams.






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